Theatre and Improv Course

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Theatre level: Beginners
English Level: Intermediate B1

Theatre and Improv
Course in ENGLISH

Group class
Mondays, 6-8pm

to June

Minimum age:
18 years old

per month

All the courses are taught in one weekly session, lasting 2 hours, from October to June

Group class Mondays, 6-8pm


Monthly fee: 60€

Enrolment: 30€ per year

Would you like free enrolment?
LOYALTY BONUS: if you enrol between October and January and remain as a student until June (without gaps), we will return the enrolment fee in the last month of the course.

FRIEND DISCOUNT PROMOTION: when you enrol, if a friend enrols with you, enrolment will be free for both of you. Only valid for first time students.

Full payment for a whole term: 10€ discount from the total (only valid for consecutive months).

Annual payment: one month free (only valid for payments in September or October).


If you decide to leave the course, you must give one week's notice before the start of the following month. In the event you do not give this notice, you will be required to pay for the next month.

Once full or partial payment has been made for enrolment, to reserve a place, or of the monthly cost, or promotional discounts applied, refunds will not be given, except in the event of a course being cancelled by Estudio Teatro Madrid.

Minimum age: 18 years old.

Aimed at:

This course is aimed at adults who wish to improve and practise their English, in terms of vocabulary as well as expression and fluency, making the most of all the advantages that theatre and improvisation offer.

Course basis:

When you reach an intermediate level of English, it is crucial to maintain active training to gain fluency and confidence. It is proven that theatrical dynamics in the context of learning a language activate natural learning with impressive results.
Many wish to practise their English but feel that theatre is not for them. We encourage you to give it a go and break that prejudice. Theatre is truly for everyone. And once you try it, you won’t want to go back! A theatre course in English represents a great didactic tool to consolidate language ability.
The results are truly astonishing. Vocabulary, expression and pronunciation accuracy increase and are consolidated in a steady and progressive manner.

Have fun in theatre while you practice English!
Native teaches - Classes 100 % in English!

Más información del curso:

Required Level of ENGLISH and THEATRE:

  • Level of SPOKEN ENGLISH: Intermediate B1
  • Level of THEATRE: no previous experience

To get the most benefit from the classes, we require an intermediate B1 level of English, which will foster a steady and positive dynamic and rhythm of work. If you do not know your exact level of English, we will happily help you discover it.

Objectives in the practice of English:

  • Learn how to improvise in order to gain confidence and fluency.
  • Improve your pronunciation and intonation.
  • Overcome shyness and stage fright and lose the fear to speak in.
  • Expand vocabulary and and comprehension.
  • Train English conversation in a natural and spontaneous way,
  • Gain experience in trial and error strategies to overcome creative blocks.

Objectives in the practice of theatre:

  • Stimulate and develop the capacity of perception of reality, self-knowledge, communication, lateral thinking, observation skills, memory, gestures, spontaneity, bodily expression and smoothness of motion.
  • Explore and enhance the skills of communication, imagination and creativity through theatrical games and improvisation exercises.

Contents in the practice of “English”:

  • Interaction and overlap between verbal language (English) and body language.
  • Resources to lose inhibitions and speak in public with confidence.
  • Expressiveness training to gain fluency in spoken English.
  • Staging of a theatrical text or monologue in English.

Contents in the practice of “Theatre”:

  • Exercises that train expression, communication and creativity.
  • Performance techniques, corporal expression and vocal expression.
  • Dramatic play and Improvisation.
  • Includes 1 performance with an audience.

The class is organised in two parts:

  • First Part: psychophysical acting warm-up through games and perception exercises, spontaneity and tempo-rhythm.
  • Second Part: Improvisation and theatrical games using a variety of resources that allow the student to internalise and practise the theatrical interpretation methodology being taught.

Our teachers are native speakers and the classes are conducted 100 % in English.

In our groups we welcome people from Spain and all over the world, people of all ages, students or professionals from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and day to day lives.

The atmosphere in our classes is one of pure entertainment. This course is the ideal way to break with your routine and have fun without limits while we learn and practise English.

Our courses are open throughout the year.
You can join at any time.

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